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when i started to play cricket in my life

October 18, 2008 8 comments

when i was young i use to sit outside of my home there some of guys use to play cricket daily its interesting to see it they play after returned from the school which is street cricket.They guys make a group of persons and split into two teams and they will put the match and play till the darks i also use to sit and watch and day by day i started to sit there and i tried to talk with that guys after that next time they included me in there Team and i started to play along with them.

In week days they use to play matches in ground this time they included in there squad and i got exicited for being selected to play along with them and still i am continuing my relationship with them continuesly they will be calling me i thank to them match is very interesting with them because from the being to give some big shots and fieldin,bowling,batting is strong in our team now recently we have won an cup by an triangular match likewise we are going to have an new championship match we have to prove this time also we have to have an good team relationship nice moment to start a new cricket life

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Cricket is my favourite hobby

October 14, 2008 8 comments

I am john staying in india i am working as a designer looking to be a nice designer for all my clients,i love to play cricket in my week ends.I love to watch cricket match mostly i wont miss it.When i was young i love to play my street cricket with my friends we use to go for play ground and play from early morning to evening till its get dark.i am favourite fan of MS.Dhoni present previously Azaruddin now he has retired from the international cricket,I will always get shouting from my parents for playing cricket but i dont consider it because cricket is my passion i love to play it till i able to continue.

When match is all up in television i wont let others to watch the TV,for this reason alone my father has bought an another TV for them this is very enjoyable for me because i wont get any disturbance while watching match,i love to have my favourite star MS.Dhoni pictures in my room walls i like to collect some details about him usually.While i am playing street match we use to put some trophy match so that match will get interesting and invite number of Teams to take part in it so its a long week to complete it and final its get more interesting while with a trophy.

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