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The New Captain MS.Dhoni

November 22, 2008 1 comment

Ms.Dhoni is a new captain for Indian Team for both Test and One day Matches.He is becoming a new star in India.His action in the fields are different from others when comparing to them,he his calm in the field he use to make a good decision in final minute to get good result as for us he can win.He use to support the players and arm them up for the field.He use to stand and play to much score the runs for the team to get an good score for the victory.

He is the player whose paying more tax in his state and he is well known to the kids also and he loves to ride the bike and use to buy the new bikes which where coming newly made by the company.He got good sports bike use to ride by wearing an helmet and love to play cricket with small kids.Soon he will bring up the Indian Team in the 1st postion in the ICC Ranking we all support him to achieve the good career in cricket

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