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What is pagerank?

Page rank is a numerical scale that denotes the importance of a web page in the internet.
It is named after Larry Page who first introduced the concept. Although it’s a trade mark of Google, it is patented to Stanford University. Goggle has obtained exclusive rights on the patent for a price. Today pagerank is one among the important criteria that determine the value of a website. The algorithms are a top secret of Google. Website owners and web masters strive to raise the pagerank of their website using various SEO strategies.

Pagerank of a web page is determined by the quantity, quality, and relevancy of the inbound links. Every link that points to a website is considered as a vote. However, unlike in polls for elections, not all the votes have a same value in the web world. The value of every vote varies greatly depending on the value of the website that votes. The page rank that ranges from 0 to 10 is assigned by Google to the websites. It is also updated at periodic intervals.

In fact pagerank is a complement from Google for the contribution of websites to the World Wide Web. If your website provides useful information and is supported by many relevant websites then the pagerank raises from time to time. You are allowed to follow certain procedures to enhance your pagerank which include natural link building. However purchasing links and using black hat SEO such as link forms would result in penalizing of the website. Penalizing of websites by Google would result in decrement of the pagerank value or even PR0. This has a special term called Badrank.

While inbound links are beyond the control of a website owner, out bound links are entirely under the website owners’ control. If your website votes for a penalized site, it will be seriously viewed by Google. This is why you should be careful when providing links to other outbound links to other websites.

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