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Promote your EBooks with Affiliate EBook Marketing

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Selling EBooks has become a popular business on the internet. However it takes a lot of marketing efforts to popularize eBooks. The selling of EBook has always enjoyed a good market as people are always looking to get information on the Internet via eBooks for anything and everything. To cater to this demand, a good number of eBook suppliers have come up and hence it can be tough to get a new eBook noticed. One way of getting attention to your eBooks can be through affiliate eBook marketing.

The Ebook Affiliate marketing method most often depends on the niche of the Ebook you are selling. Though there are many affiliating programs out there, many of them are not fine enough to give you a good income. Following are some ways of improving your ebook sales.

Selling ebooks using ClickBank – ClickBank is the biggest and most popular market place for online products. ClickBank acts as an easy interface to connect affiliate marketers with ebook publishers. To sell your eBook at Clickbank you should sign up for a merchant account and arrange for a small affiliate website. Most often this a single page site to explain and advertise about the eBook content with links for making the buy. When a sale is made, ClickBank will take a commission and send you a check after giving a small commission to any affiliate who took part in the selling process.

PayDotCom Affiliate Marketing – PayDotCom is a popular online shop that sells scores of products through affiliates. Though this one is almost similar to clickbank, the good thing about PayDotCom is that you get paid faster through paypal. The membership fee is also lesser and there is no rule on the maximum price for products sold.

Selling eBooks on Commission Junction – As in PayDotCom, here too we have affiliates to sell your eBooks for a commission. As a vendor you should supply resources required by the affiliates to market your eBooks like textual links, ad banners etc.

Ensuring Traffic to your Affiliate Site – See that you take all the steps to ensure good traffic. You can think about using Internet advertising methods to bring people to your eBook site. Also see that the site is search engine optimized with all the relevant keywords related to the niche of your e-book.

Affiliate marketing programs alone won’t help in selling ebooks. You also need to see that the ebook has something new to offer for the subscribers. There is no use of coming up with an ebook on a topic that has already been covered by a good number of ebooks. You need to find out a niche that is in demand in the ebook market. Once you have made sure that your ebook has something new and helpful, you can feel assured of good sales provided you also use affiliate eBook marketing ideas as mentioned in this article.

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Tips on Laptop Batteries

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

For mobile users, laptop’s battery is very important to continue work without interruptions. This article focuses on tips that could extend the life of your laptop battery. Although proper maintenance of your laptop’s battery could keep your powder dry, it is always wise to have a spare at hand for a hassle free work. The following are some of the tips to extend the life of your laptop’s battery.

• Read the maintenance tips for laptop batteries provided in the brochures and catalogs that come along with your laptop. Following these tips would extend the life of the battery greatly.

• Whenever possible use the ac adapter while working on your laptop. Doing this will keep your batteries charged and also provide your battery with long life.

• Always use the right power cord and adapter to recharge your laptop battery. While the original ones that come along with your laptops are the best choice, it is all right to use a compatible re-charger bought from authentic outlets.

• Lowering the brightness levels of your monitor will reduce the power consumption and retain power for a longer period of time while you are on the move.

• Remove any unused accessories such as compact flash or PC cards that could drain away much power.

• Avoid placing your batteries in high temperature area such as direct sun light or near heaters or in your dash board while you are not using them.

• While working on laptops use the power management features that enable the laptop battery to save much power and extend the life of the battery.

• Do not forget to recharge your laptop’s battery frequently. If the power levels goes beyond a certain limit, the laptop battery’s life gets considerably reduced.

• While replacing batteries, go for compatible ones at authorized stores. It is a good idea to purchase laptop batteries with internal processors.

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Personal Loan in Malaysia and Things to Consider before Going for it

September 15, 2009 2 comments

Malaysia, as any other place in the world, has also witnessed the depressing financial effects of recession. Many have lost their jobs and people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. And naturally, the number of applicants for personal loans has multiplied manifold. Although a personal loan is easy to get and handy for meeting unexpected financial expenditures, it is not something for everyday expenses. There are some factors that you should consider before going for it, whether it is a personal loan in Malaysia or anywhere for that matter.

First you should know whether you really need a personal loan. Next, you should sort out the types of personal loans that would be suitable for you and consider the factors that would affect these loans throughout its term. Each type has its own way of calculating interest rates, which can either be: fixed rate, flat rate, or floating rate. Of these, flat rates are the most expensive, as the other types are worked out on reducing balance.

Most significantly, you should know whether you have the capacity to repay your personal loan. For example, there are certain ways of ensuring a prompt repayment, such as proper budgeting of monthly spending. Thus, even if you don’t have the money, the amount you saved will help you make the payment. You should also get rid of any credit card debts that you may have. The reason is that such debts indirectly affect your loan repayments.

You should also know how to find the best deals from the available loan options. If you are looking for a personal loan in Malaysia, you should have no problems as there are scores of resources available on the web for this. You can try it but remember that a personal loan is only the last option. Do not use it for petty expenses.

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What is affiliate marketing?

September 10, 2009 1 comment

Affiliate marketing is a comparatively new marketing strategy that has evolved in the internet. Since the success of an online business relies on the amount of targeted traffic it receives, affiliate marketing has become a very popular method of obtaining targeted traffic from other related and non related business sites. The affiliate websites that link to the larger business site drive targeted traffic to it. Upon conversion of the lead, the affiliate sites are paid a pre agreed percentage as commission.

There are various advantages for both in affiliate marketing. The concerned product site receives a large amount of targeted visitors, there by increasing the sales many times without having to do all the promotion on its own. The affiliates that promote the product site on the other hand receives a good sum as commission for just letting its visitors reach the product site and earns money without having to invest in products or services. Affiliate sites can generate high income if they are willing to put in some effort to promote the products of the mother site.

Even without taking much efforts affiliate sites can still drive traffic to the product site by just promoting their own websites. However, the conversion rate will decrease in this case as it would not be a targeted traffic. Still the affiliate site could receive commissions on the product sale initiated through it. This is known as the passive income which is unique to the affiliate marketing. Most product sites in the internet offer affiliate programs where website owners can participate. All you need to do is advertise the product of the mother site and provide a link from which your visitors can reach it and purchase products.

There are several factors that you need to consider before joining an affiliate program. Some of them include the kind of product you would promote, if the tracking cookies are good, whether a monthly report is sent to you, what would be your commission, method of payment, threshold if any, and the kind of support offered to you by the product site.

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How to Protect your Affiliate links from Getting Hijacked

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Affiliate marketing programs has always been a popular way for earning money online. Some affiliate site owners, after doing all the hard work and despite getting a good traffic, still may not be getting proportionate commissions. The reason could well be due to a possible affiliate link hijacking. A considerable amount of affiliate commissions are being stole by affiliate link hijackers on a day to day basis. Anyway as all other problem this too has a solution. Though there are any ways of preventing your affiliate links from getting hijacked, you need to be wary about the one you use, as sometimes this can cause your affiliate marketing Website getting blocked by your affiliate programs.

Usual Affiliate Link Hijacking Methods

When you sign up and become an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate URL. You get commissions for every sale through this link. In your affiliate link URL, there is an affiliate ID which the hijacker may replace with his own ID. So when he buys the product from the affiliate program, he gets the commission instead of you! You then start noticing that your sales are dropping despite high traffic stats.

Today, there is special malicious software that can actually rob information from your affiliate id. Most malware can get downloaded to your computer posing as some other genuine software; some of them can also force their way into your computer.

Another way of hijacking is this. A usual visitor comes to your site and sees a link to a product he is interested in buying. And when he moves the mouse over the link he notices that it is an affiliate URL. He notes the URL and instead of clicking the affiliated link, he manually types it omitting your affiliate referral code.

Ways of Preventing Affiliate Link Hijacking

– Affiliate link cloaking software. There are many available for sale on the Internet; you can also find free ones. Try googling “free affiliate Link Cloaking software” you will get some.
– Framing to mask the affiliate links. But the problem with this method is that some sites may not support frames.
– You can build a redirection page in your Website server. 404 files and htaccess can be used for doing this.
– You can use third party short-URL to redirect the person who clicks on your affiliate link to the exact affiliate site. This ensures that you get rewarded for any sales through the link. You can Google for “free short URL”. is one such site that you can go for.

Though you cannot stop people getting into malicious activities like stealing affiliate commissions, you can at least do something about saving yourself from becoming a victim. So, whenever you think about starting your own home based affiliate business, see that you use all the precautionary measures to avoid such problems. Also, monitor your Website stats and sales commissions to detect any suspicious phenomena.

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PhpBB3 Templates

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Forums are great web tools to improve businesses and share information. PhpBB3 has become the most favorite forum package for many due to its ease of use. The very name of the package says it all php is the scripting language used in the software and BB represents the bulletin board and 3 is the version of the forum package. PhpBB3 is the successor of phpBB2 and has been enhanced to provide administrators with greater control over all the aspects of the software, which include display, management of users, group permissions and the like.

If you own online businesses or provide services phpBB3 forums can be of great value to you in collecting the vital data from customers to improve your businesses and services. If you like to host a forum of your own, phpBB3 will be the right software for you. PhpBB3 is the latest of the open source bulletin board systems that is widely used around the globe. Today creating a forum of your own is as easy as child’s play. There are number of forum hosting providers that offer this service for free. In order to host your phpBB3 forum, you will need a phpBB3 web template.

It is unwise to attempt to create a phpBB3 template of your own even if you are technically sound as a wide range of high quality themes are available for free in the internet. All you need to do is register with a hosting provider and pick a theme from template vendor and install it to create a forum with a theme of your desire. PhpBB3 forum templates come to you with myriad of built in features. It has a simple admin panel and is easy to customize according to your wishes. You can learn more about this wonder working phpBB3 forum package in its official website.

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Mambo Templates

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Mambo, much like WordPress, is an open source CMS technology. The ease of use and robustness of the technology have propelled a large scale migration of WordPress users toward Mambo. It would be better to compare Mambo with Joomla rather than comparing Mambo with WordPress. In fact Mambo is a second generation CMS technology that has lot more than WordPress CMS can offer. However, this article compares Mambo with WordPress in order to highlight the advantages of Mambo CMS over the WordPress technology.

While WordPress CMS is used mostly for blogging purposes, Mambo can provide you with a complete website which can be used for various business purposes. While most other CMS features are similar to that of WordPress, Mambo has the multi-user feature where the website owner can provide various levels of access to the users. A Mambo website can be used as a commercial website where you can install shopping cart and receive payment through payment gate ways.

Above all features it has a simple interface which is the most attractive feature of Mambo CMS. Since the number of web users without any technical knowledge is higher than that of the technically sound people, Mambo is being hailed for its simplicity. Any one can easily learn and update the websites without any difficulty. Although Joomla CMS is preferred for enterprise websites, Mambo continues to enjoy the patronage of its fans.

Mambo templates are easily available in large numbers and in a great variety. Website template vendors have excellently designed mambo templates in almost every theme. Like any other web template mambo templates are also available for free and for a small sum. However, if you do not find theme suitable for your website you can design it yourself and get it coded by the PSD to Mambo service providers for a price.

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