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Creating Template Designs in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful image editing programs widely used for various purposes. Some of the areas that use Photoshop include photo studios, printing industries, web development companies, animation industries, and film industries. With adobe Photoshop, it is possible to enhance images, alter them as you require or even light up dark images. While all of the above mentioned industries use Photoshop, this article focuses on the use of Photoshop for web template creation.

The world of internet is ever growing and the need of website template rises along with the growth of the web. You know the websites are beautifully designed web pages that have a complex coding hidden beneath their elegant appearances. Although programming is the major work when it comes to web template creation, design is vital component too! For visitors it’s not the code that is visible but the elegant skin that covers the complex codes underneath. This is where adobe Photoshop comes handy in creating the themes of your choice. The following are the steps in creating a template design:

Open the image files you like to use in the template and make required changes to it using the image sizing, coloring, and other tools in the interface then form a base layer on which you can embed other small images to provide your desired look to the template design. The most important aspects of to be noted during your template design creation include apt image sizes, pleasing colors and a perfect blend of all the elements in the design. Once you are done with the design creation, you need to save the template design in PSD format.

The next thing in web template creation is the coding. You have to slice the images and add codes using editors and make a fully functional Photoshop template. There also PSD to HTML conversion services available in the internet these companies can provide you with professional conversion services at affordable rates.

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