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Mambo, much like WordPress, is an open source CMS technology. The ease of use and robustness of the technology have propelled a large scale migration of WordPress users toward Mambo. It would be better to compare Mambo with Joomla rather than comparing Mambo with WordPress. In fact Mambo is a second generation CMS technology that has lot more than WordPress CMS can offer. However, this article compares Mambo with WordPress in order to highlight the advantages of Mambo CMS over the WordPress technology.

While WordPress CMS is used mostly for blogging purposes, Mambo can provide you with a complete website which can be used for various business purposes. While most other CMS features are similar to that of WordPress, Mambo has the multi-user feature where the website owner can provide various levels of access to the users. A Mambo website can be used as a commercial website where you can install shopping cart and receive payment through payment gate ways.

Above all features it has a simple interface which is the most attractive feature of Mambo CMS. Since the number of web users without any technical knowledge is higher than that of the technically sound people, Mambo is being hailed for its simplicity. Any one can easily learn and update the websites without any difficulty. Although Joomla CMS is preferred for enterprise websites, Mambo continues to enjoy the patronage of its fans.

Mambo templates are easily available in large numbers and in a great variety. Website template vendors have excellently designed mambo templates in almost every theme. Like any other web template mambo templates are also available for free and for a small sum. However, if you do not find theme suitable for your website you can design it yourself and get it coded by the PSD to Mambo service providers for a price.

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