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How to Protect your Affiliate links from Getting Hijacked

Affiliate marketing programs has always been a popular way for earning money online. Some affiliate site owners, after doing all the hard work and despite getting a good traffic, still may not be getting proportionate commissions. The reason could well be due to a possible affiliate link hijacking. A considerable amount of affiliate commissions are being stole by affiliate link hijackers on a day to day basis. Anyway as all other problem this too has a solution. Though there are any ways of preventing your affiliate links from getting hijacked, you need to be wary about the one you use, as sometimes this can cause your affiliate marketing Website getting blocked by your affiliate programs.

Usual Affiliate Link Hijacking Methods

When you sign up and become an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate URL. You get commissions for every sale through this link. In your affiliate link URL, there is an affiliate ID which the hijacker may replace with his own ID. So when he buys the product from the affiliate program, he gets the commission instead of you! You then start noticing that your sales are dropping despite high traffic stats.

Today, there is special malicious software that can actually rob information from your affiliate id. Most malware can get downloaded to your computer posing as some other genuine software; some of them can also force their way into your computer.

Another way of hijacking is this. A usual visitor comes to your site and sees a link to a product he is interested in buying. And when he moves the mouse over the link he notices that it is an affiliate URL. He notes the URL and instead of clicking the affiliated link, he manually types it omitting your affiliate referral code.

Ways of Preventing Affiliate Link Hijacking

– Affiliate link cloaking software. There are many available for sale on the Internet; you can also find free ones. Try googling “free affiliate Link Cloaking software” you will get some.
– Framing to mask the affiliate links. But the problem with this method is that some sites may not support frames.
– You can build a redirection page in your Website server. 404 files and htaccess can be used for doing this.
– You can use third party short-URL to redirect the person who clicks on your affiliate link to the exact affiliate site. This ensures that you get rewarded for any sales through the link. You can Google for “free short URL”. Tinyurl.com is one such site that you can go for.

Though you cannot stop people getting into malicious activities like stealing affiliate commissions, you can at least do something about saving yourself from becoming a victim. So, whenever you think about starting your own home based affiliate business, see that you use all the precautionary measures to avoid such problems. Also, monitor your Website stats and sales commissions to detect any suspicious phenomena.

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