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Tips on Laptop Batteries

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For mobile users, laptop’s battery is very important to continue work without interruptions. This article focuses on tips that could extend the life of your laptop battery. Although proper maintenance of your laptop’s battery could keep your powder dry, it is always wise to have a spare at hand for a hassle free work. The following are some of the tips to extend the life of your laptop’s battery.

• Read the maintenance tips for laptop batteries provided in the brochures and catalogs that come along with your laptop. Following these tips would extend the life of the battery greatly.

• Whenever possible use the ac adapter while working on your laptop. Doing this will keep your batteries charged and also provide your battery with long life.

• Always use the right power cord and adapter to recharge your laptop battery. While the original ones that come along with your laptops are the best choice, it is all right to use a compatible re-charger bought from authentic outlets.

• Lowering the brightness levels of your monitor will reduce the power consumption and retain power for a longer period of time while you are on the move.

• Remove any unused accessories such as compact flash or PC cards that could drain away much power.

• Avoid placing your batteries in high temperature area such as direct sun light or near heaters or in your dash board while you are not using them.

• While working on laptops use the power management features that enable the laptop battery to save much power and extend the life of the battery.

• Do not forget to recharge your laptop’s battery frequently. If the power levels goes beyond a certain limit, the laptop battery’s life gets considerably reduced.

• While replacing batteries, go for compatible ones at authorized stores. It is a good idea to purchase laptop batteries with internal processors.

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