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Information about PS2

The PlayStation 2 (shortened to PS2) is a video game manufactured by Sony. It is the successor to the Playstation, and the predecessor to the Playstation 3. Many analysts predicted a close three-way match up between the PS2 and competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox and the Nintendo Gamecube. However, the release of several blockbuster games during the 2001 holiday season maintained sales momentum and held off the PS2’s rivals. In addition to PS2 software, the PS2 can read both CDs and DVDs. It’s backward compatible with PlayStation games. The PS2 also supports PlayStation memory cards (for PlayStation game saves only) and controllers, though they work with PS1 games and the controllers may not support all functions for PS2 games. The PS2’s Dual Schock 2 controller is essentially an upgraded PlayStation DualShock. Like its predecessor, the DualShock 2 controller has force feedback, which is usually called the “vibration” function. The standard PlayStation 2 memory card has an 8MB capacity and employs Sony’s MagicGate encryption. This requirement prevented the production of memory cards by third parties who did not purchase a license for the MagicGate encryption. Memory cards without encryption can be used to store PlayStation game saves, but PlayStation games would be unable to read from or write to the card – such a card could only be used as a backup. The PS2 has undergone many adjustments, some only of internal construction and others involving ample external changes as well. Some PS2 games include ACE Combat, All-Star Baseball, American Chopper, The Ant Bully, Catwoman, Family Guy etc.

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