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Popular Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Getting more traffic for your website has a lot to do with how well your webpage is ready for Search engines to go through and understand. Just use the following steps and you too can have a search engine optimized website.

Content is King – Your website’s content should be worth reading. Without useful content, no other SEO technique will help.

Use Relevant and Attractive Titles – Having the right titles for your web pages, is very essential. The title is the one that search engines are going to use to understand your topic. Even if you have already succeeded in getting top listing on Google, you still need a good title to improve the click through rates.

Increase your Incoming Links – The number of links is directly proportional to the number of times your page is going to get crawled. You should also use appropriate anchor texts for the incoming links. One common way of getting incoming links is to link to relevant and popular websites; this will make your website known to them and there is a chance that you will get a reciprocal link.

Heading tags – Search engines searches are always interested in the important content on your web page. Using heading tags on your page will make crawlers assume that it is something important. Heading tags thus make the search engine’s job easier by presenting a summary of what the web page is about.

Meta Tags – Even if you have achieved getting top listings on searches, you need to use proper Meta tags to make people click on your website’s search listing. Google will use your Meta description for displaying info on your search listing. Thus, visitors will be attracted to visit your site if they find that the Meta description is relevant to their search query.

Use Optimal Keyword Density – Don’t cross the limit here. Avoid going more than 5% of the overall content; or it may look like spam.

Sitemaps – Using sitemaps for all your web pages will facilitate the robots to locate all the pages in your website and index them. This is how you help search engines to find content on your website

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