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Berkshire Accommodations

Berkshire is the place to find lots of B&Bs and inns that are quite different from the usual accommodation. These are antique rustic homes that are famous for their regal fireplaces and comfy beds with a variety of hotel accommodations and services. Let us have a look at some of the best places to stay in Berkshire.

Econolodge – Formerly known as the Quality Inn, the Econolodge is situated very near to Tanglewood and some other key tourist spots. It consists of 120 rooms, all arranged in a backyard setting, adequately away from the road. A main attraction at this inn is the lovely outdoor swimming pool and the tennis courts, apart from scrumptious continental breakfasts.

The Porches Inn – The Porches is situated across the road from the well-known showplace, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and matches the famous museum quite well. Known for its sauna and swimming pool facilities, the hotel has 60 rooms which exhibit an exclusively contemporary retro style.

The Williams Inn – With 125 rooms, this inn mixes nicely with its location, which happens to be one of the most attractive places in Williamstown. The contemporary hotel is designed in colonial fashion and is situated very near to the Williams College campus. With a marvelous eating place, this inn is particularly well-known for its Sunday brunches.

Crowne Plaza Hotel – Formerly known as the Berkshire Hilton Inn, this hotel has now been refurbished totally to meet modern standards. Most of its 179 rooms present stunning views of Berkshire, as it is located right in the town’s center.

Holiday Inn Express – Opened of late, this inn has all you need to treat guests with first class lodging services. Each of its 58 rooms is fully equipped with refrigerator and microwave oven. You can also use the hotel’s other features such as the indoor pool, fitness room, Jacuzzi, conference center etc.

These are just a few of the many lodging houses and hotels in Berkshire. For more details, just try these keywords: “Berkshire Accommodations” on Google.

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