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Berwickshire Accommodation

Berwickshire is perhaps best known for all its lavish hotels and accommodations in the area. There are several well known inns and guest houses that are compliant to the requirements of all members of the family – Berwickshire is indeed a great place to enjoy your holidays.

Barniken House Hotel

One location that has grown to be a hot favorite – for travelers looking for a pleasant place to holiday at – is Barniken House Hotel. This is actually a noted 1810 Georgian property, so if you are fascinated about visiting castles, abbeys, a bunch of golf courses and countryside mansions, bear this exquisite lodge in mind.

Broadmeadows House

For those travelers looking to hang about in the cozy landscape that Berwickshire has to offer, we have the Broadmeadows House that presents the tranquility that most guests yearn for. The assets at Broadmeadows are part of a 400 acre land and are located in the stunning grounds of Broadmeadows House. These exquisite properties have been revamped continually to a high level of comfort and hospitality.

Crosslaw Farm

Placed in the Scottish Borders and near the east coast of Berwickshire, Crosslaw Farm is a perfect place for a self catering stay, whatever the season. The beautiful farm is like an artist’s scenery come true, with plenty of animals and amazing landscape at the Scottish Borders.

Mariners Cottage

Located scenically in the popular little seaside resort of Spittal and on the gorgeous Berwickshire coast, Mariners Cottage presents high quality self-catering lodging as exceptional as any other Scottish Borders or Northumberland holiday lodge. Northumberland and the Scottish borders are abundant with greenery and splendor and offer a complete assortment of outside leisure activities.

Those were just a few of the many hotels and inns found in Berwickshire. Make sure you check the hotel rates; you can do this having a glance at the online brochures of these hotels at their respective websites.

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