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First World Hotel, Hotels in Genting

Genting Highlands located at about 2000 m above the sea level is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is in fact nick named as Las Vegas of Malaysia due to the variety of entertainment, such as two large theme parks,  Ripley’s believe it or not museum, sky diving simulator with the help of wind turbines, golf courses, and the like available at the hill resort. It takes about an hour to reach Genting by car from the one time Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. One other exciting way to reach the popular tourist spot is through the South East Asia’s longest cable car that runs about 3.38 km and is popularly known as Genting Skyway. When it comes to staying at Genting, First World Hotel is one of the most preferred hotels by international tourists.

The First World Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the world and has consecutively recorded as the world largest hotel in the Guinness book of world records during 2006, 2007, and 2008. The hotel has about 6,118 rooms. This is also the home for the First world plaza that covers and area of 500,000 sqft of indoor theme park along with shopping malls and restaurants. The hotel has two types of rooms for various classes of tourists that check in every day. The Super Deluxe and the World Club rooms are situated in an extravagantly designed building with almost every comfort you would love to enjoy on you vacation.

While the usual cost of a Super Deluxe room is $ 84 and that of World Club $101, if the rooms are booked via online through networks like Agoda and at particular seasons the rates will be as low as $48 for a Super Deluxe room and $58 for a room at World Club. However, extra charges for extra bed, gala dinner or minibar or even breakfast are not included as the rates are highly competitive. Almost 90% of the customer reviews on First World hotel are positive ones. For reservation of rooms, shows, Theme Park & other resort facilities dial (603) 2718 1118 or fax to (603) 2718 1888. There is also online reservation through the official website of the hotel.

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