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Colmar Tropicale Hotel, Hotels in Genting

Colmar Tropicale Hotel is yet another luxurious place for international tourists to stay at Genting. You can reach the hotel in an hours drive from the former Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur by road. The famous Genting Skyway can be an exciting way to get to the entertainment world of Genting. Colmar tropicale is located about 4.8 miles south east from the center of the heart throbbing Genting.

Colmar Tropicale Hotel is mostly preferred by the European tourists and others who love to enjoy their holidays in a French themed resort. All the buildings of the hotel reflect a strong flavor of French architecture. The hotel amidst of 16,000 acres of rugged hillocks and mounts provides pleasant scenery for those who stay at Colmar Tropicale Hotel. The rooms of this four star rated hotel are very spacious and cozy with interiors of elite French accents of the 16th Century.

The resort has a wide selection of dining areas that feature the most authentic cuisine along with a distinctive compilation of classy dishes. The Colmar Tropicale Hotel’s on-site facilities include Truck Parking, Boutiques, Elevators, Parking, Porters, Tennis, Gym, Restaurant, Car Rental Desk, Shops/Commercial Services, 24 Hour Room Service, Laundry Service, Sauna, Room Service, Fitness Room, and Golf.

Although the hotel is of good standards and located in a picturesque area, many of the customer reviews about Colmar Tropicale Hotel point out that the charges for the rooms as expensive when compared with other standard hotels at Genting. The hotel charges about $197 for a night’s stay for a couple. In spite of many feeling that the price is high the rooms get filled through out the year. But for the trivial complaint the reviews are generally positive. One attraction for tourist staying at Colmar Tropicale Hotel is the modern French style furniture that decorates the rooms and the modern amenities that make life more enjoyable during the vacation. You can book rooms via phone using + 60 (3) 2141 0088 / 2145 4107 or fax to + 60 (3) 2145 7190. Online reservations and email bookings are also possible through official website of the hotel.

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