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Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

If you are planning to spend your holidays at Genting, Malaysia, you can find a number of hotels that offer you world class accommodation at highly competitive rates. You can pick any of the hotels that fit your tastes and budget. This article focuses on Theme park Hotel in Genting. The Theme Park Hotel in Genting is a three star hotel with aesthetic interiors and a fantastic looking façade. The hotel gives a feeling as if castles in the clouds for visitors who wish to enjoy the pleasures of hill resort.

The hotel is located at Genting Highlands, which is around 50 km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since it is located at a walkable distance from the main attractions of Genting, you can either choose car travel or use the skyway cable car to reach the hotel. The hotel has about 423 rooms that are decorated in a modest style. The facilities and services of the hotel are remarkably good, this you can confirm by reading the customer reviews on the hotel available at various websites.

Among the various amenities available in the rooms at Hotel Theme Park, air-conditioning, TVs, and telephones are a few to mention. The rooms also have direct dial, music system, mini bar and the like to make the stay pleasant and memorable to the visitors. The Happy Valley restaurant at the hotel premises provides the guests with delicious Chinese, Tai, and Malay stuff prepared by chef with extraordinary culinary skills. The hotel also houses elite business and conference halls, fitness and recreation centers, such as gym, swimming pool, squash court, and many more.

Since the prices are affordable, if you need to reserve rooms you have do it well in advance. You can either make online reservations or through phone. There are various websites that provide the service of booking rooms at Theme Park Hotel, Genting.

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