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Tips for making increase blog pr

Online marketing people wants to improve their blog rank with respect to search engine results.However, improving blog ranking is not the normal school kid stuff anymore. It’s now much more than just writing some mundane blog entries. It is actually a serious business, particularly if you are aiming at making money with blogging. Blog marketing is many times more powerful compared to the ordinary website marketing, and it makes sense to try and improve your blog ranking. Following are some simple steps to improve your blog rank.

Tag your Posts

This is the best time to start if you haven’t already tagged your blog posts. People can get to your blog and other interrelated media faster when the information is tagged. Even if you are writing the most resourceful blog post in your field, not a soul is going to read it unless they can get to it. So it is better to take care and tag all the posts.


Syndicating with RSS improves publicity for your blog. So put the RSS buttons in a prominent place when you are modifying your blog’s template. You can register with a good RSS tracker to track the number of readers and display that on your blog; this will persuade others to signup. Although you can simply use the feed option available in your blog, it is much better to use a special feed that can separate keyword clusters for the content you often post.


Adding comments on other blogs is a great way to send out your links to the World Wide Web. Bloggers will give you the trackbacks if the comments are useful and relevant. Don’t simply spam all the blogs on blogosphere with useless comments; your comment may get deleted. When people read a useful comment, there is a good chance that they will click through to your blog and even subscribe to your RSS feed.


Bookmarking is an easy way to improve blog ranking and get traffic. Through bookmarking, users can save and classify a personal compilation of bookmarks and also share it with others. Users can pick bookmarks already saved by others and include that in their own compilation; they can also subscribe to the lists of others. If you can’t afford to get your website bookmarked in all key bookmarking engines, at least you can have it bookmarked in a few – this will augment blog traffic in a big way.

Meet People

Social networks are there in almost every part of the internet. Joining such networks is another effective way of meeting compatible people and getting valuable links.

Follow these simple tips and your blog will soon reach top rankings on search engines.

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