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The Bella Twins

Bella Twins (born November 21, 1983) were women tag team of professional fight against the twin sisters Brie Bella (Brianna Garcia) and Nikki Bella (Nicole Garcia) together. You are currently for World Wrestling Entertainment WWE Monday night for their RAW brand, development and training facility Florida Championship Wrestling.

Brianna and Nicole were in San Diego, California, born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, a family of Mexican-American. They play Bella Twinsfootball until college, when she started modeling, acting, and this PR work. They appeared at various trade fairs in the country and in several international journals. They made their first appearance on national television reality shows, Fox, meet with friends. After this performance Brianna and Nicole were hired at the Budweiser World Cup and the twins were holding the World Cup. Then take part in the 2006 International Double Couples Massage


In the summer of 2007, the twins were signed to develop the WWE Championship Wrestling and assigned Florida (FCW) in Tampa, Florida. They began on 15 September in FCW, under the name “Bella Twins. In FCW, they had a series of matches against Nattie Neidhart and Victoria Crawford Tag Team. As part of the character-screen persona, if it hurts, they changed their place behind the judge.


Since December 2007, she began managing Linkin Derrick, but this story is interrupted when Linkin was published in January 2008. Then participate in both singles and team matches in a feud with other wild FCW Victoria Crawford, Wesley Holiday, Miss Angela and Roucka.

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