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Information About WordPress Template

October 9, 2010 Leave a comment

WordPress is the most well-liked and extensively used blogging platform. It can be installed on almost any system from UNIX, Windows to Linux and even Mac. It is written entirely in php language and utilizes MySQL database. WordPress is open code, very supple and supports third party plugins. There are most likely hundreds of thousands of free plugins out on the internet, which convert WordPress platform into nearly anything you can imagine. The designs are also referred to as wordpress skins. There are several hundred thousand free wordpress themes existing to download from various sites. There’re some wonderful wordpress themes, which are decidedly optimized for search engines. They make a great magazine/social website with a very simple, trouble-free layout to follow, a social networking link navigation section at the bottom of the page, widget sidebars, edit and change menu as seen fit, rotating featured images, various different layout styles to choose from, and so much more. They are considered to be very nice social style themes. There are business themes as well. One such is Yukon, a really good-looking Business wordpress theme. It has each and every one of the simple features you could fancy making your blog easy to get around to make life easy for your reader. It makes it less confusing in finding what they are looking for. Yukon comes with extendible scroll menus, a photo on the blog’s homepage apt for your businesses Logo, A choice of 8 different colour schemes from Gray, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Plum, Rust, and Turquoise

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Overview Of Web Design

October 4, 2010 1 comment

With internet becoming more and more essential for everyday tasks, it is important to focus on the web design to attract and retain visitors. Even if your website has a good traffic with a number of unique visitors, your website design can drive them away if you haven’t done some research before you designed your website. In order to reduce the bounce rate and make your visitors stay for a longer time in your website you need to make the design more attractive as well as interactive. This is where the web 2.0 has made its mark. The web 2.0 is not only a technology but also covers the design aspects such as pleasant colors, smooth edges, rounded corners and the like. With numerous advanced designing tools in the market you can today easily create a highly attractive web design.

Things you have to consider before starting a web design include a through research on similar websites offering the same kind of products to web visitors. It is also a good idea to check the top designs and observe the technicalities in order to gain knowledge in the web design. It is recommended that a web designer should be aware of the visitor behavior on sites offering similar products. For example a design that has links placed in strategic locations will have a great earning potential when use for ad programs like adsense. The web design also should include the right content at the right place for example under the product preview if a shopping cart icon is placed it would be easy for the customers to pick the product. Making the navigation easy for the visitors will result in huge difference in sales.

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PhpBB3 Templates

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Forums are great web tools to improve businesses and share information. PhpBB3 has become the most favorite forum package for many due to its ease of use. The very name of the package says it all php is the scripting language used in the software and BB represents the bulletin board and 3 is the version of the forum package. PhpBB3 is the successor of phpBB2 and has been enhanced to provide administrators with greater control over all the aspects of the software, which include display, management of users, group permissions and the like.

If you own online businesses or provide services phpBB3 forums can be of great value to you in collecting the vital data from customers to improve your businesses and services. If you like to host a forum of your own, phpBB3 will be the right software for you. PhpBB3 is the latest of the open source bulletin board systems that is widely used around the globe. Today creating a forum of your own is as easy as child’s play. There are number of forum hosting providers that offer this service for free. In order to host your phpBB3 forum, you will need a phpBB3 web template.

It is unwise to attempt to create a phpBB3 template of your own even if you are technically sound as a wide range of high quality themes are available for free in the internet. All you need to do is register with a hosting provider and pick a theme from template vendor and install it to create a forum with a theme of your desire. PhpBB3 forum templates come to you with myriad of built in features. It has a simple admin panel and is easy to customize according to your wishes. You can learn more about this wonder working phpBB3 forum package in its official website.

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Mambo Templates

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Mambo, much like WordPress, is an open source CMS technology. The ease of use and robustness of the technology have propelled a large scale migration of WordPress users toward Mambo. It would be better to compare Mambo with Joomla rather than comparing Mambo with WordPress. In fact Mambo is a second generation CMS technology that has lot more than WordPress CMS can offer. However, this article compares Mambo with WordPress in order to highlight the advantages of Mambo CMS over the WordPress technology.

While WordPress CMS is used mostly for blogging purposes, Mambo can provide you with a complete website which can be used for various business purposes. While most other CMS features are similar to that of WordPress, Mambo has the multi-user feature where the website owner can provide various levels of access to the users. A Mambo website can be used as a commercial website where you can install shopping cart and receive payment through payment gate ways.

Above all features it has a simple interface which is the most attractive feature of Mambo CMS. Since the number of web users without any technical knowledge is higher than that of the technically sound people, Mambo is being hailed for its simplicity. Any one can easily learn and update the websites without any difficulty. Although Joomla CMS is preferred for enterprise websites, Mambo continues to enjoy the patronage of its fans.

Mambo templates are easily available in large numbers and in a great variety. Website template vendors have excellently designed mambo templates in almost every theme. Like any other web template mambo templates are also available for free and for a small sum. However, if you do not find theme suitable for your website you can design it yourself and get it coded by the PSD to Mambo service providers for a price.

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Creating Template Designs in Photoshop

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful image editing programs widely used for various purposes. Some of the areas that use Photoshop include photo studios, printing industries, web development companies, animation industries, and film industries. With adobe Photoshop, it is possible to enhance images, alter them as you require or even light up dark images. While all of the above mentioned industries use Photoshop, this article focuses on the use of Photoshop for web template creation.

The world of internet is ever growing and the need of website template rises along with the growth of the web. You know the websites are beautifully designed web pages that have a complex coding hidden beneath their elegant appearances. Although programming is the major work when it comes to web template creation, design is vital component too! For visitors it’s not the code that is visible but the elegant skin that covers the complex codes underneath. This is where adobe Photoshop comes handy in creating the themes of your choice. The following are the steps in creating a template design:

Open the image files you like to use in the template and make required changes to it using the image sizing, coloring, and other tools in the interface then form a base layer on which you can embed other small images to provide your desired look to the template design. The most important aspects of to be noted during your template design creation include apt image sizes, pleasing colors and a perfect blend of all the elements in the design. Once you are done with the design creation, you need to save the template design in PSD format.

The next thing in web template creation is the coding. You have to slice the images and add codes using editors and make a fully functional Photoshop template. There also PSD to HTML conversion services available in the internet these companies can provide you with professional conversion services at affordable rates.

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Microsoft PowerPoint for a Fantastic Presentation

August 31, 2009 1 comment

The Beginning

The concept of PowerPoint first evolved in 1984 when Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin developed a presentation software for Mac operating system. It was first called as presentation and it was later renamed as PowerPoint in 1987. In the same year it was bought by the software giant Microsoft for a good sum and further developed under the watchful eyes. Today the software has become a universal presentation application. The modern versions of the applications are Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows and 2008 for Mac.

The Most Preferred Application

PowerPoint is one of the best presentation programs available in the market. The program is an integral part of the MS office suite and is compatible with Window, Mac operating systems. Today power point is used in almost every sector for presentation. For example, business people use it in business meetings or in conferences for a better understanding of their views and strategies to fellow business men. In the education arena both educators and students find this software application as a great tool that helps to impart knowledge as well as demonstrate their skills. Educationists that recommend graphic organizers for the primary education also recommend PowerPoint slide shows to grow the grasping power of children.

How It Works

Similar to the obsolete slide presentation methods, PowerPoint too consists of several pages termed as slides. It is possible to load text, graphics, movies and other objects to these pages. The interface of the PowerPoint application is highly user friendly making it easy for the creator to organize components freely. The software also enhances the presentation by facilitating the use of a consistent style using templates. Once the presentation is created it can be used in various ways for example, you can print it or present it on a PC or laptop or even project it using a video projector for large number of audiences to view.

PowerPoint File Formats

Presentations can be saved and run in the following file formats:
For 2000/2003 versions; .ppt, .pps, .pot formats and for 2007/2008 versions; .pptx, .ppsx, .potx, .pptm, .potm, and .ppsm.

PowerPoint Templates

As mentioned earlier PowerPoint allows you to change the themes to enhance the grandeur of your presentations. There are hundreds of PowerPoint templates available for free download in Microsoft website. Apart form the company templates there are thousands of other websites that offer high quality elegant PowerPoint templates for a trivial sum. Some of the membership websites offer fabulous PowerPoint themes free of cost to its members. A simple search on the internet will enlighten you on the variety of PowerPoint templates available for free downloads.

Benefits of PowerPoint

First and foremost advantage of the application is that it makes your presentation very grand. Secondly PowerPoint makes it easy for you to create a fantastic presentation within a short time span. It serves as a visual aid that could help you explain your ideas and strategies in a crystal clear manner. It also aids in easy understanding of concepts for the audiences. There are even ongoing researches on the impact of PowerPoint presentations on the learning abilities of students.

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All about Joomla

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

The official website of Joomla defines it as an award-winning content management system (CMS) that enable you to build websites and powerful online applications. Several features, such as its ease-of-use and extensibility have made it the most popular website software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution, which is freely available to anyone.

Joomla is truly an advanced CMS technology which makes it easy for web designers, website owners, and web masters to create highly functional, innovative, and interactive websites. The abundant online applications and plugins make Joomla a powerful tool in the hands of even amateurs.

Joomla templates

Joomla templates are themes that can be easily uploaded to Joomla websites to change the look and feel of the Joomla website. There are a plenty of Joomla themes available all over the internet either for free or for a trivial sum. You can either pick a ready made Joomla template that suits your purpose or order a new one according to your specifications. If you are good at designing you can create your own designs and avail PSD to Joomla conversion services to make your design a fully functional Joomla theme.

Of late there are membership websites that you can join for an annual fee and download any number of Joomla templates of your desired themes.

Working with Joomla.

In ready made Joomla templates, there are several options using which you can edit the CSS and html. Thus you can have a complete control over every element of your website. Once you have determined these factors, as soon as you insert the content it takes over all the pre defined properties such as link styles, colors, navigation font size and the like.

The content management system of your Joomla website converts your browser literally in to a rich text editor. Just type your content as if you type it in word processors and get a great look and feel instantly as you upload your content. It means you don’t have to depend on html developers or programmers every time to update your website content.

Save money with Joomla

Whether it is building a new website or upgrading exiting ones with Joomla templates, you can do it all by your self with ease. You can avoid hiring expensive web designers and developers to change the look and feel of your Joomla websites. When it comes to updation of textual contents, you can do it your self again with easy to use Joomla interface. You can avoid the expenses of hiring html programmer to insert textual content as well. When it comes to website maintenance, like most other CMS technologies Joomla requires the least of your attention.

One other exciting feature of Joomla websites is that it supports multi-user and multi-environment facilities where many users can contribute contents to the website. It is possible to provide the users with different level of privileges according to their contribution levels. Thus provides you a great relief from doing it all by yourself.

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