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Laser Hair Loss Treatment and other Solutions for Hair Loss

January 22, 2010 2 comments

Hair loss is a significant cause of worry for both men and women across the world. Luckily, there are some hair loss prevention and hair loss treatment products available for taking care of the condition.

Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

There are quite a lot of hair loss prevention treatments available for preventing hair loss. For women, a common hair loss prevention treatment is the prescription of certain medications by a doctor. For men, the prevention treatment usually involves the prescription of DHT blockers along with other vitamin supplements.

Surgical Treatments

There are some surgery based hair loss treatments as well for reducing hair loss. Some of the popular methods used for this includes hair transplant, scalp expansion, scalp reduction and flap surgery.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

This is a new way for treating thinning hair, hair loss, or poor scalp conditions. Laser Hair Loss Treatment stimulates the re-growth of hair by cleansing the scalp and improving blood circulation. Laser treatment is done by focusing laser energy on the scalp to improve its ability to heal. This treatment is effective and is based on proven scientific research that light can stimulate growth of cells.

Hair Loss Treatment Products

While you can get a variety of Hair Loss Treatment Products on the web, only two are approved by FDA: Minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (propecia). Apart from being an effective solution for preventing hair loss, this might even help in re-growing the hair. However, if you start using these products, you should continue the use for ever, or else the hair will fall again.

The info given in this article was for explaining the types of hair loss and the various options available for treatment. However, if you happen to experience any hair loss problems, it is advisable to get a doctor’s advice before going for any of these treatment options.

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Male Hair Loss Treatment – Some Popular Methods

January 18, 2010 1 comment

Hair loss is one of the most common issues that men experience. Research has shown that male hair loss is mostly due to increase in androgens or sex hormones, and the hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to this increase. The result is male pattern baldness, which is sometimes a genetic condition as well. However, you need not fret; going bald is in fashion these days. Yet, if you are worried, you can choose a suitable male hair loss treatment from below.

Hair Transplant

Here, hair is transplanted in the form of minute hair plugs extracted from the rear of the scalp and then transplanted to the bald spot.


Also known as Regaine, Minoxidil is used for hair loss and is found to give reasonable results. It comes in the form of a cream, which should be applied two times every day. Firstly employed for treating high blood pressure, Minoxidil should not be used by people suffering from heart ailments, hasty heartbeat, or chest aches.


This is another commonly used treatment. It consists of a 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor, which works by obstructing 5-Alpha reductase, and thereby preventing the conversion of the enzyme into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone); DHT being the main cause of male pattern baldness. Finasteride was at first used for treating prostate problems; now it is used as an effective drug for stopping balding. Rarely, it may cause some side effects like impotence, ejaculation disorders, rashes, breast tenderness etc.

If you are looking for a Natural Hair loss Treatment, the truth is that you won’t find one. Although the market is filled with many so called natural hair loss treatments, they won’t give you fast results as a hair transplant or DHT blocker would. However, you can consider the intake of certain foods as your natural hair loss treatment. For example: a healthy diet, rich in zinc, calcium and iron, will help a lot in checking hair loss.

Although these treatments help in reducing the speed of balding – as already said – there is no complete cure for male hair loss. One sure way of forgetting your hair loss, is to go for a very short hair cut or a clean shave. This is surely a fashionable means of solving your hair loss worries, if not a way of getting back your hair.

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Breast Enlargement Herbal Remedies Vs Breast Enhancement Surgery

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

The beauty of the woman is more than just skin-deep. In fact, beauty of the female body is the collective product of her build and the allocation of fat and muscle mass. Today, the ideal shape of a woman is considered to be one that is curvy and voluptuous with large and prominent breasts. This is also considered as a sign of health and physical attractiveness. Although the definition of beauty has varied across different periods and civilizations, the breasts have indeed endured as an object of beauty. That is why so many women go for surgeries and treatments to enlarge their breasts.

Today, there is help for women in the form of various treatments such as breast enlargement herbal remedies, and breast enlargement surgery. Breast enlargement herbs have particularly become popular due to the absence of pain, side effects, and risks that might accompany breast enlargement surgery.

If you are looking to bypass the risks of breast surgery, breast enlargement herbs might be the right option for you. Gone are the days when a surgery was the one and only way to enlarge breasts. More and more women are going for herbal enlargement pills, as it is not only safer, but also natural. The advantage with breast enlargement herbs is that they make your breast grow bigger naturally. This is not the case with breast implants or breast enlargement surgery, as they look artificial and can be easily spotted.

Although you don’t get instant results with breast enlargement herbal remedies – as you would with a surgery – it is still worth the time. Also, it is more cost effective and safer when compared to surgery. The herbal method just accelerates the natural growth process; so there is nothing artificial about the breasts that result. This is how you get the naturally buxom look without putting up with unnecessary side effects.

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Breast Enlargement Pill, Breast Enlargement Creams and Surgeries

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Many women feel insecure about having insignificant breasts, as they believe that a large breast is their ticket to beauty. No wonders, there are so many breast surgeries taking place around the world every year. Let us have a glance at the popular methods used for breast enlargement and their effects.

Although most techniques do their job, there are some that may cause problems in the long run. Some of the most common side effects include skin rashes and other allergy symptoms. This is why some women prefer surgical breast enlargement to breast enlargement cream and breast enlargement pills. Nevertheless, breast enlargement through surgery – apart from the high cost involved – is not absolutely free from risk. The procedure involves the implanting of silicone gel under the breast; this silicone implant may sometimes cause problems like solidification of the breast, infection, leakage, swelling etc.

We also have other natural ways of breast enlargement. The most common is Breast Enlargement Pills. Usually, these pills are safe when they are made from entirely natural ingredients. There are quite a lot of websites that sell breast enlargement pills, however it is important to make sure that the seller is a reputed one; or you may lose your money for nothing.

Another technique commonly employed is the use of breast enlargement cream. Most often, the ingredients of breast enlargement cream is same as what is found in the pills; the only difference is that they are present in lesser quantities. You will have to apply this cream twice each day for at least three months to get noticeable results. However some say it is possible to get faster results by using the cream alongside pills and exercise.

Whether you use a Breast Enlargement Pill, creams, or go for a surgery; it is advisable to consult a doctor before doing it. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the method is approved by FDA. And remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; sometimes the best thing to do is to leave those poor little breasts alone!

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