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Ngaben – The Famous Cremation Ritual of Bali

April 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Of all the great ceremonies of Hindus in Bali, the Ngaben or the corpse burning ceremony is one of the most important. This ceremony is usually accompanied by offerings and holy songs. Common belief of the Hindus is that the Ngaben or burning of the corpses will take the departed person to their dwelling place in paradise or send the departed to their next life. The Ngaben is supposedly a way of detaching the soul from all worldly attachments; moreover, it is considered a means of respecting the dead. This belief in the journey to heaven is so firm that the relatives of the deceased try to avoid crying in the graveyard, as they think that it may cause hindrance in the journey to the next world.

The Ceremony

Before conducting the ceremony, the relatives of the deceased would check with a temple priest for the best day for the dewasa. The ceremony starts with the construction of a stage for bathing (nyiramin) the dead body. Then a sarcophagus in buffalo shape (lembu) is designed for holding the corpse while burning. This sarcophagus will be taken on a procession which culminates at the village grave yard.

The relatives of the dead person will pay homage and offer prayers before the final ceremony, so that the deceased will get into heaven. Then, the dead body will be taken to the graveyard in a wadah, with traditional Balinese music and holy mantra (kidung suci). An extensive piece of white cloth (kasa) will be placed before the wadah, leading the ways for the deceased person to reach heaven. The wadah is rotated clockwise for three times whenever a crossroad is passed through – this is to make sure that the soul never returns to its worldly residence.

After reaching the burial ground, the dead body is put into the lembu. A priest chants a mantra and the people burn the lembu. The resulting ash is thrown into the sea or any nearby river. Once the ceremony is over, the family of the deceased would return to their home with the belief that soul of the dead will reincarnate back into their family sometime in the future.

That was some info on the Balinese cremation ceremony – something worth seeing during your next tour to Bali. The Ngaben is just one of the many Hindu ceremonies in Bali that you should surely have a glimpse on.

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Maxims Genting Hotel for a World Class Stay at Genting

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Are you planning to enjoy your trip to Genting in an elite manner, Maxims Genting hotel is the right choice for you. There are a number of star hotels that accommodate tourists in Genting at cheap rates, but if you like to get a royal treatment and enjoy a hotel of international standards, Maxims Genting hotel is the best one to choose. The hotel has about 629 suites with fantastic views. Although the room charges seem to be bit expensive at the first glance, it is really much cheaper that the other five star hotels of this grade.

The façade of Maxim Genting Hotel has truly an awesome elegance and ambiance. Located at the prominent place, to be precise the hub of Genting on the Selangor Pahang Border, the rooms of the hotel offer eye candy that comprise scenic beauty of the hills and valleys to the guests. This hotel caters to the needs of every class of travelers including business, executive, and economy class. You can easily walk around to get to the key entertainment places of the hill resorts from Maxim Genting.

The following are some of the facilities provided by the hotel to its customers: news paper, in-house movies, hair dryers, browsing facilities, secure safes, TVs, 24/7 room service, casino, coffee shops, massage center, Jacuzzi, Gym, Sauna, steam bath, Spa, travel arrangements and what not? Literally the hotel is a world of its own.

The room rate for a couple to stay per night is US $ 313 plus $20 as tax. The hotel is centrally located at the peak and in the midst of a wide range of activities. If you expect a red carpet welcome and world class services at Genting, then Maxims Genting is the place to go. However, you need to book the rooms well in advance as they get filled up like hot cakes.

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Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment

If you are planning to spend your holidays at Genting, Malaysia, you can find a number of hotels that offer you world class accommodation at highly competitive rates. You can pick any of the hotels that fit your tastes and budget. This article focuses on Theme park Hotel in Genting. The Theme Park Hotel in Genting is a three star hotel with aesthetic interiors and a fantastic looking façade. The hotel gives a feeling as if castles in the clouds for visitors who wish to enjoy the pleasures of hill resort.

The hotel is located at Genting Highlands, which is around 50 km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since it is located at a walkable distance from the main attractions of Genting, you can either choose car travel or use the skyway cable car to reach the hotel. The hotel has about 423 rooms that are decorated in a modest style. The facilities and services of the hotel are remarkably good, this you can confirm by reading the customer reviews on the hotel available at various websites.

Among the various amenities available in the rooms at Hotel Theme Park, air-conditioning, TVs, and telephones are a few to mention. The rooms also have direct dial, music system, mini bar and the like to make the stay pleasant and memorable to the visitors. The Happy Valley restaurant at the hotel premises provides the guests with delicious Chinese, Tai, and Malay stuff prepared by chef with extraordinary culinary skills. The hotel also houses elite business and conference halls, fitness and recreation centers, such as gym, swimming pool, squash court, and many more.

Since the prices are affordable, if you need to reserve rooms you have do it well in advance. You can either make online reservations or through phone. There are various websites that provide the service of booking rooms at Theme Park Hotel, Genting.

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Awana Genting, Hotels in Genting

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

While Genting itself is a favorite entertainment spot for tourists, they also can enjoy a star class stay at the fabulous hill resort. Hotels like Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort can provide the tourists with cherishing memories of the fantastic trip for life. At Awana, you can enjoy world class accommodation and best golf games at highly competitive rates. When compared with the amenities and entertainment available in the hotel premises the charges are really down to earth.

Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort is a five star rated hotel with 418 rooms with world class facilities that could entice every visitor. This is indeed a true business class hotel the adds value to the Genting highlands. The hotel is located at a distance of about 10 mins walk from the tourist attractions of Genting. The superbly maintained Golf course is a feather added to the cap of Awana hotel. The hotel houses an on-site Rajawali restaurant and a typical Korean BBQ to server the elite class that stay at the hotel premises. This hotel too has a scenic beauty as its back drop make the stay more enjoyable to the tourists.

The hotel has a wide price range that range from RM 235 for a Double deluxe room to RM 980 for a premier suite. All of the rooms here are decorated with a Malay theme that is inspiring especially to foreign tourists who love to enjoy the Malay culture during their holidays. You can reach the hotel by car or chauffeur driven Limo with in 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. There are express buses that make your journey economical. The shuttle service offered by the hotel is also a cool way to reach the hotel without anxiety. For reservations and enquiries, you can either call up (603) 6436 9000 or fax to (603) 6101 3535.

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Colmar Tropicale Hotel, Hotels in Genting

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Colmar Tropicale Hotel is yet another luxurious place for international tourists to stay at Genting. You can reach the hotel in an hours drive from the former Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur by road. The famous Genting Skyway can be an exciting way to get to the entertainment world of Genting. Colmar tropicale is located about 4.8 miles south east from the center of the heart throbbing Genting.

Colmar Tropicale Hotel is mostly preferred by the European tourists and others who love to enjoy their holidays in a French themed resort. All the buildings of the hotel reflect a strong flavor of French architecture. The hotel amidst of 16,000 acres of rugged hillocks and mounts provides pleasant scenery for those who stay at Colmar Tropicale Hotel. The rooms of this four star rated hotel are very spacious and cozy with interiors of elite French accents of the 16th Century.

The resort has a wide selection of dining areas that feature the most authentic cuisine along with a distinctive compilation of classy dishes. The Colmar Tropicale Hotel’s on-site facilities include Truck Parking, Boutiques, Elevators, Parking, Porters, Tennis, Gym, Restaurant, Car Rental Desk, Shops/Commercial Services, 24 Hour Room Service, Laundry Service, Sauna, Room Service, Fitness Room, and Golf.

Although the hotel is of good standards and located in a picturesque area, many of the customer reviews about Colmar Tropicale Hotel point out that the charges for the rooms as expensive when compared with other standard hotels at Genting. The hotel charges about $197 for a night’s stay for a couple. In spite of many feeling that the price is high the rooms get filled through out the year. But for the trivial complaint the reviews are generally positive. One attraction for tourist staying at Colmar Tropicale Hotel is the modern French style furniture that decorates the rooms and the modern amenities that make life more enjoyable during the vacation. You can book rooms via phone using + 60 (3) 2141 0088 / 2145 4107 or fax to + 60 (3) 2145 7190. Online reservations and email bookings are also possible through official website of the hotel.

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First World Hotel, Hotels in Genting

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Genting Highlands located at about 2000 m above the sea level is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is in fact nick named as Las Vegas of Malaysia due to the variety of entertainment, such as two large theme parks,  Ripley’s believe it or not museum, sky diving simulator with the help of wind turbines, golf courses, and the like available at the hill resort. It takes about an hour to reach Genting by car from the one time Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. One other exciting way to reach the popular tourist spot is through the South East Asia’s longest cable car that runs about 3.38 km and is popularly known as Genting Skyway. When it comes to staying at Genting, First World Hotel is one of the most preferred hotels by international tourists.

The First World Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the world and has consecutively recorded as the world largest hotel in the Guinness book of world records during 2006, 2007, and 2008. The hotel has about 6,118 rooms. This is also the home for the First world plaza that covers and area of 500,000 sqft of indoor theme park along with shopping malls and restaurants. The hotel has two types of rooms for various classes of tourists that check in every day. The Super Deluxe and the World Club rooms are situated in an extravagantly designed building with almost every comfort you would love to enjoy on you vacation.

While the usual cost of a Super Deluxe room is $ 84 and that of World Club $101, if the rooms are booked via online through networks like Agoda and at particular seasons the rates will be as low as $48 for a Super Deluxe room and $58 for a room at World Club. However, extra charges for extra bed, gala dinner or minibar or even breakfast are not included as the rates are highly competitive. Almost 90% of the customer reviews on First World hotel are positive ones. For reservation of rooms, shows, Theme Park & other resort facilities dial (603) 2718 1118 or fax to (603) 2718 1888. There is also online reservation through the official website of the hotel.

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Berwickshire Accommodation

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Berwickshire is perhaps best known for all its lavish hotels and accommodations in the area. There are several well known inns and guest houses that are compliant to the requirements of all members of the family – Berwickshire is indeed a great place to enjoy your holidays.

Barniken House Hotel

One location that has grown to be a hot favorite – for travelers looking for a pleasant place to holiday at – is Barniken House Hotel. This is actually a noted 1810 Georgian property, so if you are fascinated about visiting castles, abbeys, a bunch of golf courses and countryside mansions, bear this exquisite lodge in mind.

Broadmeadows House

For those travelers looking to hang about in the cozy landscape that Berwickshire has to offer, we have the Broadmeadows House that presents the tranquility that most guests yearn for. The assets at Broadmeadows are part of a 400 acre land and are located in the stunning grounds of Broadmeadows House. These exquisite properties have been revamped continually to a high level of comfort and hospitality.

Crosslaw Farm

Placed in the Scottish Borders and near the east coast of Berwickshire, Crosslaw Farm is a perfect place for a self catering stay, whatever the season. The beautiful farm is like an artist’s scenery come true, with plenty of animals and amazing landscape at the Scottish Borders.

Mariners Cottage

Located scenically in the popular little seaside resort of Spittal and on the gorgeous Berwickshire coast, Mariners Cottage presents high quality self-catering lodging as exceptional as any other Scottish Borders or Northumberland holiday lodge. Northumberland and the Scottish borders are abundant with greenery and splendor and offer a complete assortment of outside leisure activities.

Those were just a few of the many hotels and inns found in Berwickshire. Make sure you check the hotel rates; you can do this having a glance at the online brochures of these hotels at their respective websites.

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