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Promote your EBooks with Affiliate EBook Marketing

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Selling EBooks has become a popular business on the internet. However it takes a lot of marketing efforts to popularize eBooks. The selling of EBook has always enjoyed a good market as people are always looking to get information on the Internet via eBooks for anything and everything. To cater to this demand, a good number of eBook suppliers have come up and hence it can be tough to get a new eBook noticed. One way of getting attention to your eBooks can be through affiliate eBook marketing.

The Ebook Affiliate marketing method most often depends on the niche of the Ebook you are selling. Though there are many affiliating programs out there, many of them are not fine enough to give you a good income. Following are some ways of improving your ebook sales.

Selling ebooks using ClickBank – ClickBank is the biggest and most popular market place for online products. ClickBank acts as an easy interface to connect affiliate marketers with ebook publishers. To sell your eBook at Clickbank you should sign up for a merchant account and arrange for a small affiliate website. Most often this a single page site to explain and advertise about the eBook content with links for making the buy. When a sale is made, ClickBank will take a commission and send you a check after giving a small commission to any affiliate who took part in the selling process.

PayDotCom Affiliate Marketing – PayDotCom is a popular online shop that sells scores of products through affiliates. Though this one is almost similar to clickbank, the good thing about PayDotCom is that you get paid faster through paypal. The membership fee is also lesser and there is no rule on the maximum price for products sold.

Selling eBooks on Commission Junction – As in PayDotCom, here too we have affiliates to sell your eBooks for a commission. As a vendor you should supply resources required by the affiliates to market your eBooks like textual links, ad banners etc.

Ensuring Traffic to your Affiliate Site – See that you take all the steps to ensure good traffic. You can think about using Internet advertising methods to bring people to your eBook site. Also see that the site is search engine optimized with all the relevant keywords related to the niche of your e-book.

Affiliate marketing programs alone won’t help in selling ebooks. You also need to see that the ebook has something new to offer for the subscribers. There is no use of coming up with an ebook on a topic that has already been covered by a good number of ebooks. You need to find out a niche that is in demand in the ebook market. Once you have made sure that your ebook has something new and helpful, you can feel assured of good sales provided you also use affiliate eBook marketing ideas as mentioned in this article.

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