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BlackJack Glossary Tips

September 5, 2010 Leave a comment

BlackJack – This is how the game is called. It is also the name of a “natural” 21, an Ace with a 10 valued card. A player’s winning Blackjack hand will be rewarded 3 to 2.

Cage – This is the name for the casino cashier. This is where you take your winnings to swap casino checks for cold hard cash.

Bust – This denotes a losing hand with cards adding up to 22 or more. Also known as breaking, this is bad for player hands and excellent for dealer hands.

Coloring Up – When a player exchanges smaller- denomination checks for larger ones.

Checks – Round clay discs used for betting in a casino as a substitute for money — also called chips.

Eye in the Sky – This is the slang word for video surveillance cameras that are used in the casino to keep an eye on the players, floor people, dealers, and pit bosses.

Double Down – This is a bet where the player’s original bet is made double. The player is then dealt one extra card to finish the hand.

First Base – This is the place immediately to the left of the dealer. It is the first place to be dealt to.

Hard Hand – A hand that does not hold an Ace valued at 11. For example, Ace-5-10 is denoted as a hard 16.

Insurance – A side bet with the intention that the dealer has a Blackjack. Insurance is only given when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. This bet wins double (2 to 1) if the dealer holds a Blackjack, and loses if not.

Hole Card – The face-down card of the dealer

Push – Denotes a tie hand where neither the dealer nor the player wins.

Soft Hand – It is a hand that holds an Ace valued at 11. For example, Ace-8 is known as a soft 19.

Shoe – A wooden or plastic box used for dispensing and holding the cards to be dealt.Shoe games typically use 6 or 8 decks of cards.

Split – This is a hand where 2 cards of equal value are separated and played as 2 separate hands. The player should offer a 2nd wager equivalent to the original amount.

Toke – A tip offered to the dealer.

Third Base – This denotes the place immediately to the right of the dealer. It is the final player position to be dealt to.

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