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Microsoft PowerPoint for a Fantastic Presentation

August 31, 2009 1 comment

The Beginning

The concept of PowerPoint first evolved in 1984 when Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin developed a presentation software for Mac operating system. It was first called as presentation and it was later renamed as PowerPoint in 1987. In the same year it was bought by the software giant Microsoft for a good sum and further developed under the watchful eyes. Today the software has become a universal presentation application. The modern versions of the applications are Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 for Windows and 2008 for Mac.

The Most Preferred Application

PowerPoint is one of the best presentation programs available in the market. The program is an integral part of the MS office suite and is compatible with Window, Mac operating systems. Today power point is used in almost every sector for presentation. For example, business people use it in business meetings or in conferences for a better understanding of their views and strategies to fellow business men. In the education arena both educators and students find this software application as a great tool that helps to impart knowledge as well as demonstrate their skills. Educationists that recommend graphic organizers for the primary education also recommend PowerPoint slide shows to grow the grasping power of children.

How It Works

Similar to the obsolete slide presentation methods, PowerPoint too consists of several pages termed as slides. It is possible to load text, graphics, movies and other objects to these pages. The interface of the PowerPoint application is highly user friendly making it easy for the creator to organize components freely. The software also enhances the presentation by facilitating the use of a consistent style using templates. Once the presentation is created it can be used in various ways for example, you can print it or present it on a PC or laptop or even project it using a video projector for large number of audiences to view.

PowerPoint File Formats

Presentations can be saved and run in the following file formats:
For 2000/2003 versions; .ppt, .pps, .pot formats and for 2007/2008 versions; .pptx, .ppsx, .potx, .pptm, .potm, and .ppsm.

PowerPoint Templates

As mentioned earlier PowerPoint allows you to change the themes to enhance the grandeur of your presentations. There are hundreds of PowerPoint templates available for free download in Microsoft website. Apart form the company templates there are thousands of other websites that offer high quality elegant PowerPoint templates for a trivial sum. Some of the membership websites offer fabulous PowerPoint themes free of cost to its members. A simple search on the internet will enlighten you on the variety of PowerPoint templates available for free downloads.

Benefits of PowerPoint

First and foremost advantage of the application is that it makes your presentation very grand. Secondly PowerPoint makes it easy for you to create a fantastic presentation within a short time span. It serves as a visual aid that could help you explain your ideas and strategies in a crystal clear manner. It also aids in easy understanding of concepts for the audiences. There are even ongoing researches on the impact of PowerPoint presentations on the learning abilities of students.

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