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Difference between PS2 & PS3 Game

October 19, 2009 7 comments

The demand for video game consoles has skyrocketed of late with the availability and awareness on gaming technology. Sony, well known as a leader in consumer electronics, has also joined the race for supremacy in the war of gaming consoles.

Sony has up to now released two popular consoles: Play Station 2 and Play Station 3. With so many getting released, people have started comparing the performance of various gaming consoles, and those from Sony are not an exception to this. Let us have a look at the main differences between the two consoles: PS2 and the PS3.

The PS2 arrives with a massive collection of games and is also reverse compatible. This means that it is possible to play all the older games. PS2 also supplies a DVD player that is somewhat cheaper compared to other regular DVD players. It is also compatible with both DVDs and CDs. Meanwhile, with the PS3, you will have to buy a HDMI cable for plying Blu-ray movies.  Although the PS3 gives better processing speed and extensibility across the Internet, it is high on price and its Blu-ray feature is not good enough to beat the quality of HD-DVD. Also you will have to spend further on supplementary hardware.

While the Play Station 3 was a much better product compared to its predecessors; it didn’t add any new feature for people to talk about. The difference is mainly the improved graphical power offered by Play Station 3 with respect to game character responsiveness and awareness. However, for the time being, PlayStation 2 does seem to have a big lead over PS3. Surely, Sony has to do something about it or else the PS2 will continue to stay on top despite newer releases.

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