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What Are the Facts of Onpage Optimization?

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Onpage optimization is the process of manipulating key website components such as titles, contents, urls, image tags, and template codes to facilitate search engines to find and rank the website on top positions for search phrases. Onpage optimization is the only way to get top positions and high traffic for a keyword search in the major search engines. However, in order to obtain an authoritative position onpage optimization should be backed up by effective offpage optimization. Although it seems to be very simple at the first glance onpage optimization requires diverse skills to effectively manipulate contents to comply with the set rules and algorithms of major search engines. In fact it’s not just skin deep but it is much deeper than you think! The process of onpage optimization begins with a keyword research. Optimizing web content with keywords is not an easy process; it is not just about placing keywords at random but using it effectively in a natural way. Remember keyword stuffing is viewed seriously by Google. Every one of the page in the website need to be optimized for keywords in order to get a good pagerank and to rank for search results. Although manual optimization is good, using high quality SEO tools could be of great help to get a complete keyword optimization of your website. Using SEO content composers will help you in positioning keywords at the right place and also with proper keyword density in the website content or in your articles. Keyword research is the important process that determines the success of your website with the least of expenses. Choosing a highly competitive keyword will result in high cost of optimization project or even failure to reach the desired position. While obtaining backlinks from relevant and authority sites placing the keyword word as anchor text will get you the complete so called SEO juice that adds to the ranking of the websites.

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